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BWI Directives (PASSUR)


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BWI-002.1 BWI Airport Snow and Ice Control
BWI-003.1  Trash Disposal and Recycling at BWI
BWI-005.1  Airport Maintenance and Repairs
BWI-005.2  Service Requests for Loading Bridges, Baggage Conveyors, and Automatic Sliding Glass Doors
BWI-005.3  Modification to Loading Bridges
BWI-005.4  Maintaining Obstacle-Free Loading Bridges
BWI-006.1  Airport Sweeping Schedule
BWI-007.1  Building and Installation Permits at BWI
BWI-007.2A  Terminal Appearance
BWI-007.3  Installation of Signs on Air Cargo Buildings at BWI
BWI-101.1  BWI Employee Parking
BWI-101.2  BWI Tenant Employee Assigned Parking
BWI-105.1  BWI Terminal Roadway Parking
BWI-105.2  Lower Level Inner Roadway Traffic at BWI
BWI-200.1  Airfield Vehicle Registration Program
BWI-200.2  Vehicle Registration Program
BWI-200.3  Identification of Equipment within the AOA at BWI
BWI-202.1  Airfield Operators Permit Program
BWI-203.1  Aircraft Parking, Pushback and Reverse-Thrust Powerback Procedures
BWI-204.2  BWI Equipment Training Certification Program
BWI-204.3  Monitoring of Aircraft Loading Bridges While Mated to Aircraft
BWI-205.2  North Air Cargo Ramp Parking
BWI-206.1  Charter Air Carrier Operation in the BWI General Aviation Complex
BWI-207.2  Washing of Airport Tenants' Vehicles and Equipment
BWI-209.1  Mobile Lounge (Planemate) Policy and Operating Procedures
BWI-210.1  Vehicle Operational Procedures on Airfield Vehicle Roadways
BWI-211.2  Assignment and Use of Gates and Gate Holdrooms BWI
BWI-212.1  Parking Fueling Vehicles
BWI-212.2  Aircraft Self Fueling Operations at BWI
BWI-213.1  Performance Requirements for the Ground Handling of Passenger Carrying Air Carriers and Commercial Operators of Large Aircraft
BWI-213.2  Aircraft that are Held on the Ground for Two or More Hours with Passengers Aboard
BWI-214.1  Use of the FAA Ground Control Frequency
BWI-215.1  Aircraft Deicing Procedures at BWI
BWI-215.2  Glycol Above Ground Storage Tank Standards For Design, Location and Operation
BWI-300.2  Airport Anti-Hijack/Emergency Alert Telephone Network
BWI-301.1  BWI Employee Identification Program
BWI-301.2  Penalties for Violations of the BWI Security Program
BWI-302.1  Security Lock and Key Control at all Perimeter Gates and Cargo Facilities at BWI
BWI-302.2  Security Screening of Vehicles and Individuals Entering the Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) at BWI
BWI-303.1  Terminal Ramp Level Emergency Phones
BWI-400.1  Control of Keys and Locks for Leased Facilities, BWI
BWI-401.1  Standard Rates and Fees at BWI
BWI-401.2  General Aviation Parking Rates - RECINDED
BWI-402.1  Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activities at BWI
BWI-402.2  Leasing of Maryland State Aviation Administration (SAA) Space in BWI Airport Cargo Buildings
BWI-500.1  Proper Use of Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA) Common Use Potable Water Cabinets
BWI-501.1  BWI Noise Abatement Plan
BWI-502.1  Hazardous Fuel/Oil, Material and Sewage Responsibilities
BWI-502.2  Airport Sanitary Waste Dump
BWI-502.3  Drum/Container Markings, Storage and Disposal References
BWI-502.4  Aboveground/Underground Storage Tank Registration at BWI
BWI-502.5  Identification of the Fire Hazards of Stored Materials
BWI-601.1  Proselytizing Activities in the BWI Passenger Terminal
BWI-602.1  Picketing and Demonstrating
BWI-603.1  Rental of BWI Conference Room Space for Airport Tenant and Non-Airport Organizations
BWI-603.1  - Att. 1 BWI Conference Room Reservation Request
BWI-606.1  Operation of the Multiple-User Flight Information Display System (MUFIDS), Flight Information Display System (FIDS), and Baggage Information Display System (BIDS) at BWI
BWI-607.1 Distribution of Handbills
BWI-700.1 BWI Tenant Directive and BWI Tenant Information Advisory System
BWI-700.2 Overhead Door Operation - Baggage Makeup Areas
BWI-700.3 Energy Conservation
BWI-700.5 Use of Handcarts and Other Vehicles in the BWI Terminal Building
BWI-700.6 Lost and Found Items
BWI-700.7  Operation of Outbound Baggage Systems
BWI-700.8  Ticket and Service Counter Conduct
BWI-800.1  Non-Emergency Use of the Fire Hydrants
BWI-800.2  Smoking Prohibition
BWI-800.3 Special Use Permits
BWI-801.1  Open Flame/Hot Work Operations
BWI-802.1  Fire Extinguisher Training
BWI-803.1  Explosives

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