Permits Information Guide

1. About Us/Intro

2. Types of Permits
  Building Permit
  Installation Permit
  Permit Exclusions

3. Seal Requirements
  Building Permit
  Installation Permit
  Exclusions for Sealed Drawings

4. Application Process
  Pre-Application Requirements
  Submitting the Application
  Submission Checklist
  Review Time
  Appeals and Request for Waiver

Contact TIS:
Permit Coordinator
Tenant Improvement Section
Maryland Aviation Administration
BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport
P O. Box 8766, BWI Airport
Maryland 21240-0766
Tel.: 410-859-7796
Fax: 410-859-5440
E-mail: maatis@bwiairport.com

5. Additional Permits & Authorizations
  Airport Zoning Permit
  Hot Work and Welding Permit
  Confined Space Permit
  Trenching and Excavation Permit
  Deferred Submittals
  Other Agency Approvals
  - Food Service License
  - FAA
  - MDE

6. Codes, Regulations and Standards
  Codes and Regulations
  Design Standards
  Industry Standards

7.&8. Insurance & Indemnification

9. Permit Limitations & Work without a Permit
  Permit Expiration
  Transfer of Permit
  Suspension or Revocation of Permit
  Temporary Structures
  Work Without a Permit

10. Construction Process
  pre-Construction meeting
  Work Hours
  Staging Area
  Construction Signs

??. Hazardous Materials
  Lead Paint

Frequently Requested Pages:
MAA Design Standards
Concessions Design Standards
Concessions Checklist
Existing Building Information
Security Requirements
Safety Requirements
CAD Standards
Confined Space Entry


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