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4.1 Pre-Application Requirements

Pre-Application submissions are required for certain types of projects but are not to be considered as part of the permitting process. The objective is to prepare applicants for the permitting process and to familiarize them with MAA design requirements. Designs must comply with MAA Design Standards as well as Tenant Design Criteria. In the event that there is a discrepancy between the two, MAA Design Standards usually prevail.

Approval of progress drawings does not necessarily mean that additional comments will not be made during the permitting phase.

4.1.1 Developer Concessions Projects

For all concessions projects at the BWI Airport, the Developer is required to submit 30% and 95% drawings to the following MAA Departments for preliminary review:

  1. Facilities Design
  2. Utilities
  3. Fire Prevention
  4. Other departments and agencies listed in Section 5, below, if applicable.

With 95% drawings, Checklist, must be fully completed and submitted with the drawings.

4.1.2 Non-Concessions Projects

Progress drawings for non-concessions projects is not required, other than those required in Section 5, below; however, an applicant might want to take advantage of consulting with various MAA departments such as Facilities Design, Facilities Planning, Fire Prevention and Utilities before applying for a permit.

4.2 Forms

Application forms for Building Permit (MAA-179) and Installation Permit (MAA-181) can be found on the forms page. Electronic forms may be requested by E-mail. Requests should be sent to:
Permit Coordinator
Tenants Improvement Section
Division of Facilities Construction
Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA)
P. O. Box 8766
BWI Airport, Maryland 21240-0766
Tel.: 410-859-7091
Fax: 410-859-5440
E-mail: cbachman@bwiairport.com, or sshariq@bwiairport.com
For MAA employees, application forms are also available on the Intranet:

4.3 Submitting the Application

Building or Installation Permit applications must be submitted to: Permit Coordinator, Tenant Improvements Section (TIS). See contact information above. Complete applications must be turned in by no later than Monday noontime for that week's Permit Committee meeting.

4.4 Application Fee

There is no application fee required for either Building or Installation permits.

4.5 Submission Checklist

4.5.1 Building Permit Submission Checklist

The following should be provided with each Building Permit application:

  1. Building Permit Application Form (MAA-179) completed and signed.
  2. Sixteen (16) sets of signed and sealed drawings (full size: 24"x36"), five of which can be half-size. Depending on the project, drawings must include site/location plan, demolition plan(s), floor plan(s), roof plan(s), exterior/interior elevations, sections, wall sections, partition details, door schedule, finish schedule, riser diagrams, etc.
  3. Site Specific Safety Plan: Contractor's plan to meet safety standards. Site Specific Safety Plan may also be provided as a "Deferred Submittal," in accordance with Section 5.5, if requested in writing by the applicant.
  4. Copy of Contractor's license or a copy of the Maryland Foreign Corporation qualification documentation.
  5. Insurance Certificate: See Section 7, Insurance Requirements.
  6. Other permits or authorizations as required. See Section 5, Additional Permits and Authorizations.
  7. Drawing Checklist (for BWI interior renovation projects).
  8. Shop Drawings and/or Product Data for the following items, if indicated: fire alarm system, fire suppression system, commercial kitchen fire suppression hood design, acoustical ceiling suspension system, guardrails and handrails, metal wall panels, metal shelving, intercom system. See also Section 5.5 Deferred Submittals.

4.5.2 Installation Permit Submission Checklist

The following should be provided with each Installation Permit application:

  1. Installation Permit Application Form (MAA-181) completed and signed.
  2. Sixteen (16) sets of drawings and/or data sheets, five of which can be half-size. Depending on the project, application must include location/site plan, plan and/or elevation view of item to be installed, electrical or exhaust requirements, if any.
  3. Site Specific Safety Plan: Contractor's plan to meet safety standards.
  4. Copy of Contractor's license or a copy of the Maryland Foreign Corporation qualification documentation [exception: interior signage]
  5. Insurance Certificate: See Section 7, Insurance Requirements.
  6. Other permits or authorizations as required (see Section 5, ADDITIONAL PERMITS AND AUTHORIZATIONS

4.5.3 Resubmissions

It is expected that within 180 calendar days following the issuance of review comments, the Applicant will resubmit revised drawings and/or documents. In the event that there is no re-submittal or response from the Applicant during this period, the plan review application will expire. The Applicant will then have to file a new application with an updated set of drawings.

The following should be provided with each resubmission:

  1. New or copy of previous Building Permit or Installation permit form, completed and signed.
  2. Ten (10) sets of revised drawings, four of which can be half-size, and/or specifications. If changes are on more than two (2) sheets, complete sets must be submitted.
  3. Items requested by the Permit Committee from the previously issued review comments.

4.6 Permit Committee Meetings

Permit Committee meetings are held on Wednesdays, except on holidays. The Committee first decides whether to accept an application for further review or reject it because of insufficient documentation. Applicants do not typically attend Permit Committee meetings; however, they may request an appearance before the Committee to explain their project or to appeal previously issued review comments. Requests to appear before the Committee shall be delivered to the Committee Chairman at least two days prior to the meeting date.

4.7 Permit Committee Function

The function of the Permit Committee is to verify compliance and conformance with applicable Codes, regulations, MAA Design Standards, and compatibility of proposed work with existing facilities. For minor projects, the Committee may approve the permit application during the meeting itself.

4.8 Review Time

Unless a permit application is approved during the Permit Committee meeting, the normal review period for each submission is 12 to 15 working days. The Permit Committee's review time excludes time requirements of the FAA and other regulatory agencies. The Permit Coordinator or Permit Committee Chairman collects comments from reviewers and E-mails them to the Applicant. Once review comments are issued, applicants are encouraged to contact each reviewer directly to seek clarification or to agree on a workable solution.

4.9 Approval Status

Comments by each reviewer are assigned one of the following designations: APP (Approved), AAN (Approved as Noted), or C&R (Correct and Resubmit). These terms are defined as follows:

[APP] Approved: Reviewer has no issues with the permit application. Approval is subject to compliance with relevant codes and MAA Design Standards. Additional comments may follow on future resubmissions.

[AAN] Approved as Noted: Comments must be acknowledged by the Applicant in writing, confirming that he or she will comply with comments before the permit can be issued. Additional comments may follow on future resubmissions.

[C&R] Correct and Resubmit: Applicant needs to correct drawings and resubmit. Additional comments may follow on future resubmissions. In addition to review comments, reviewers may provide "Suggestions," in a separate column, which are left to the discretion of the designer to incorporate into the construction documents or not.

4.10 Appeals and Requests for Waiver

If an Applicant feels that any review comment is unfair or wishes to file a request for a Waiver, he or she should first seek clarification from the reviewer. If still unsatisfied, the Applicant may appeal to the Committee Chairman by submitting the Appeals/Waiver Request Form with necessary documents to support his or her position. The Permit Committee Chairman will work with the Applicant and the reviewer to resolve differences or will provide his recommendations to the Deputy Executive Director, Facilities Development and Engineering, to make the final decision. The Applicant should allow ten (10) working days for a decision from the date Appeals/Waiver Request Form is filed.

4.11 Issuance of Permit

Once the Tenant Improvements Section (TIS), in conjunction with the Permit Committee, is fully satisfied that an applicant has met all requirements, a permit is issued. Permit drawings are then stamped by MAA's Fire Prevention Department, one copy of which is returned to the Applicant to be kept on site during construction. In some cases, Permits will be issued with written comments attached to the Permit set. Applicants are expected to pick up their permit and permit set from the office of the Permit Coordinator. Permits may also be sent by regular mail if requested by the Applicant. Issuance of a permit shall not prevent TIS inspectors from thereafter requiring correction of work if found to be in violation of applicable codes, regulations, MAA Design Standards, or posing a danger to public safety.

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