Permits Information Guide


10.1 Pre-Construction Meeting

Once the Applicant has received the Permit, he or she is required to contact Inspections, Tenant Improvements Section (TIS), to arrange a Pre-Construction (Pre-Con) Meeting. The Pre-Con meeting is typically attended by the Contractor, subcontractors, Tenant Improvements Section's Inspection staff, Fire Marshall's representative and other MAA departments that have an interest in the project. A Pre-Con meeting may not be required for minor Installation Permit projects. The following must be provided by the Tenant and/or the Contractor at the pre-Construction meeting:

  1. Copy of Construction Schedule
  2. Point of Contact
  3. List of Emergency Numbers.

10.2 Work Hours

Work hours shall be normal daytime hours or as deemed necessary to prevent use restriction of the airport. Nighttime hours as a general rule are between 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM.

10.3 Staging Area

If a staging area is needed, the Applicant should contact MAA's Airport Operations Department which could provide the staging area if it's available.

  1. 1. The Tenant and its Contractor shall be responsible for security and maintenance of their staging areas at all times.
  2. 2. It is intended that equipment and materials needed for the construction will be stored in the designated Contractor's staging area. Equipment and materials necessary at the work site(s) may be transported to those site(s) only as necessary to meet approved schedules. At the end of each working day, the Contractor's equipment shall be withdrawn to the designated staging area and placed in an orderly fashion.
  3. 3. The Tenant and his/her Contractor shall not utilize any area for storage or staging unless authorized by the MAA, in writing. Utilization of the MAA's property for purposes not related to or inconsistent with the permitted project is prohibited and subject to immediate removal and restoration at the contractor's expense.
  4. 4. Staging areas and all areas used for storage of equipment or material shall be restored to their pre-existing original condition immediately upon completion of each phase of the project, as required by the MAA.

10.4 Construction Signs

Construction signs shall consist of project name, tenant or contractor's identification, upcoming project announcement, or rendering. Individual advertisement boards of the Contractor, subcontractors or A/E firm are not permitted.

10.5 Inspections

10.5.1 Inspectors

Tenant Improvement Section (TIS) will assign an inspector(s) to monitor construction activities. Other inspectors from the Fire Marshall's Office, MAA utilities, Office of Planning and Environmental Services, or Risk Management may also drop in to perform spot checks, depending on the project.

10.5.2 Permit Compliance

The TIS Inspector will inspect and monitor work to ensure compliance with relevant codes and MAA Design Standards. However, acceptance of work by the Inspector shall not relieve the Contractor to comply with applicable Codes and regulations, MAA Design Standards, Permit drawings and specifications. Any installation that does not comply with the permit is subject to removal by the MAA at the Applicant's expense. It is assumed that the Tenant's Architect or Engineer will provide construction administration services, including but not limited to the task of periodically visiting the site, to ensure compliance with contract documents.

10.5.3 Stop Work Order

The TIS inspector may issue a "STOP WORK ORDER" on projects encompassed herein in the event that there are serious code violations or work is being performed in a dangerous or unsafe manner. The Stop Work Order shall remain in effect until the cause(s) of the Stop Work Order has been satisfactorily resolved.

10.5.4 Final Inspection

Once the project is substantially complete, the Tenant's Contractor shall submit a written request, either by Fax or by E-mail, to TIS Inspections to request a Final Inspection at least three days in advance of the requested date. Upon recommendation from the designated inspector, the Tenant Improvement Section will arrange the Final Inspection meeting on site, to be attended by Inspections staff, the Fire Marshall or his representative, and other MAA departments that have an interest in the project. The Tenant must ensure that the Contractor and appropriate subcontractors are available to answer questions, test systems and provide access as necessary. At the meeting, a Compliance Report shall be signed by the Inspections and the Fire Marshall's office or a punch-list will be created in the presence of the Contractor. If the punch-list consists of minor items, Inspections shall recommend to the Fire Marshall or his representative to grant a conditional occupancy permit. Acceptance of work shall not relieve the Contractor of responsibility to comply with applicable Codes and regulations, MAA Standards, Permit drawings and specifications.

10.6 Revisions During Construction

Once the Permit has been issued, major changes to layout, finishes and structural elements must be submitted in the form of addenda (revised drawings, sketches, specifications) to the Permit Committee for approval before commencing work. Revisions must be clouded with a revision note and signed and sealed by the architect or engineer of record. For minor revisions, TIS may allow revisions to be submitted via E-mail in portable data file (pdf) format.

10.7 Safety and Security Requirements

For safety and security requirements during construction, please see Supplemental Requirements.

10.8 Record Drawings

Within 45 days of the Final Inspection, the Tenant must provide a set of Record Drawings in hardcopy and AutoCAD format drawings on CD to Inspections. The Record Drawings must incorporate all layout, dimension and note changes that were made since the issuance of the Permit to allow the use of these drawings as base drawings for future renovations. The CD must be clearly labeled with the company name, project title, permit number, and date of CD preparation. The AutoCAD drawings must follow MAA CAD standards, as described in Design and CAD Standards.

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