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3.1 Building Permit Professional Seal Requirements

Architectural drawings must be stamped with a current license seal and signed by a Maryland-licensed architect and engineering drawings by a Maryland-licensed professional engineer. Drawings that combine architectural and engineering work on the same sheet must be stamped and signed by both the architect and the professional engineer.

3.2 Installation Permit Professional Seal Requirements

Installation permit drawings need not be signed by an Architect or Professional Engineer. However, depending on the project, the Permit Committee may ask for stamped drawings or details from a professional architect or engineer if the project involves alteration to means of ingress/egress or there are other public safety considerations.

3.3 Exclusions for Sealed Drawings

Below are types of projects that would not require sealed architectural/engineering drawings:

  1. Installation of collision bollards.
  2. Relocation of an existing electrical outlet, fire alarm device, switch, or fixture.
  3. Installation of low voltage wiring.
  4. Relocation of existing HVAC diffusers within the same room.
  5. Portable heating and cooling/ventilation appliances that do not modify the building structure.
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