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MAA has two types of permits: Building Permits and Installation Permits.

2.1 Work Requiring a Building Permit

MAA Building Permit is required for all new construction, renovation, alteration or site improvement work on State-owned property under the jurisdiction of MAA. Any installation that affects the existing electrical, mechanical, plumbing or structural systems also requires a Building Permit. As part of obtaining a Building Permit, approvals from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) other Federal and State regulatory agencies, and the Anne Arundel County Health Department may be required. (See Section 5 ADDITIONAL PERMITS AND AUTHORIZATIONS).

2.2 Work Requiring an Installation Permit

Issuance of MAA Installation Permit is required before placement or installation of signs, carpeting, antennas, displays, fixtures, or equipment within any facility owned or under the control of the MAA. Installation Permit issuance does not relieve the Applicant from his or her responsibility for proper design as well as means and methods of installation.

2.3 Building & Installation Permit Exclusions

Minor projects involving repair or replacement of worn-out, broken or defective, components are excluded from the requirement of a Building or Installation Permit, except for the installation or replacement of carpeting which does require an Installation Permit. The following is a list of projects that do not require either a Building or Installation permit:

  1. Interior and overhead door replacements or repairs, including hardware.
  2. Painting, papering, tiling.
  3. Replacement of ceiling system components.
  4. Repair, maintenance, and replacement of existing electrical equipment, fixtures wiring, or minor components.
  5. Repair, maintenance, and replacement of existing mechanical components.
  6. Repair, maintenance, and replacement of existing interior pipes, interior drainpipes, interior waste or vent piping, interior valves, and water closets.
  7. Maintenance of trees, shrubs, mulch, and landscaped beds.
  8. Pothole repairs and crack sealing.
  9. MAA capital projects.
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